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Copa America

Copa America is the oldest national soccer tournament in the world. Both Argentina e Uruguai lead the trophy count with 14 titles each, followed by the current Champion Brazil with 7 titles.

The Copa America started back in 1916, when Argentina decided to set up a soccer tournament to celebrate their 100th anniversary of Argentine Independence. The first tournament included the participation of Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. With huge anticipation during the regular season leading up to this event, it was fundamental in the development of today's South American Governing body; CONMEBOL It was in this manner that the first national soccer competition was born.

Uruguay marked it's presence as a power soccer country in the beginning of the last century. They won the very first Copa America in Argentina. The tournament was a success and was programmed for the following years in each of the original four participating countries. So, in 1917, the 2nd Copa America took place in Uruguay, and this time the host nation won, giving Uruguay it's 2nd Copa America title.

Since then, the competition has been held throughout South American countries 41 times. This edition in Venezuela will be the 42nd Copa America as well as Venezuela's first hosting of the prestigious tournament.

Argentina & Uruguay have both won the title 14 times. Brazil is 2nd with 7 titles. Paraguay and Peru have won the trophy twice and Bolivia and Colômbia have won it once. All other nations have yet to win this title.

In 1975, the tournament was renamed from the South American Championship to the current official name of The Copa America. In 1987, the tournament calendar is set for disputed every 2 years. In 1989, hosts Brazil win the title for the first time in 40 year. Soon after, CONMEBOL developed a rotation system for hosting the competition for the 10 South American Nations that form the organization.

In 1993, Copa America tournament introduces a new model by inviting 2 nations per edition with a particular focus in Latin America. Coincidentally this year we'll see a repeat of the first 2 nations invited in the 93 tournament; Mexico and the USA from CONCACAF. In the following years other nations such as Japan, Costa Rica and Honduras have also been invited to the tournament.

In Peru 2004, Mexico and Costa Rica were invited to the tournament but neither made it to the final as power nations Brazil and Argentina played a highly charged and emotional final that ended 2-2 at regulation time. The game went to penalties and Brazil took the title with a 4-2 win.